Charles “Chuck” Coker is Fraud

Mister Charles “Chuck” Coker – he’s no master

Charles Coke fake Taekwondo Master False Man of God

Charles Coke fake Taekwondo Master False Man of God

Let me point out two facts. First, Mister Charles Coker, is not a martial artist. He is only an athletic coach with athletic credentials. USA Taekwondo is the governing body for the Olympic sport of Taekwondo in the United States. USA Taekwondo is not a martial arts organization, it is a sports organization that grants sports titles. In the Orient this is not what traditional martial arts organizations would consider martial art rank. A real martial artist trains in the military arts, learns and teaches lethal skills. Mr. Charles Coker teaches how to earn medals by beating another human being for sport and ego. He hides behind his “Christian” title but he is no man of God.

Mister Charles Coker has not earned a masters certificate from the Masters Course held at Kukkiwon, yet he claims to be a master of that style. Mr. Charles Coker does not have that qualification, which means that he is not even eligible for promotion beyond 4th dan, according to the Kukkiwon bylaws. This makes the 7th dan he claims invalid even if he has a certificate for it. Having that certificate does not make him a grand master any more than standing in a garage would make him a car. Anyone following Charles Coker as a minister or a Taekwondo teacher is being fooled by a scam artist and a liar who hides behind his false ministry.


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