Paper Tiger – The Alain Burrese Story Part 1 of 6

Paper Tiger – The Alain Burrese Story Part 1 of 6

Hapkido Master Alain BurreseThe information being gathered here is part of my research as a journalist and will appear in future articles for martial arts industry publications. I think that it is important to point out that I am legally allowed to do this research as a reporter and writer for an entertainment publication. To do so otherwise would be to perform a private investigation without a license which carries severe criminal penalties. Or it may be considered “Stalking” which is also illegal and can carry prison time in all fifty states if convicted. Anyone who is not a writer or reporter would be ill-advised to do such public posting and publishing.  But as an Attorney Mr. Burrese should be aware of these facts. Nothing here is meant to be malicious. Only a publicizing of the facts surrounding this individual. This is an easy project because most of the sources are the conflicting information posted by Burrese himself. It seems that he can’t keep his story straight from one website to the next as he makes different and conflicting claims.

The story of Alain Burrese reads like a science fiction novel. The keyword here being fiction as much of his claims are just completely imaginary. So let us begin:

Attorney Alain Burrese, upon inquiry and a review of his own website you will find that this “internationally known self-defense instructor”, as Burrese likes to describe himself, has a very unique (and very questionable) background.

Information from his own websites tell us the following. According to Master Attorney Alain Burrese he has training in:
• Taekwondo
• Karate
• Boxing
• Qigong
• Hapkido

His self-awarded titles include:
• Master (has not attended a Master’s Course)
• Self-Defense Expert (who has never defended himself or anyone else)
• Author (self-publish by a company that he owns: Aiki Productions)
• Qigong Expert

You may also find it interesting that this “World Renowned Expert” doesn’t own a school but teaches a handful of students at a gym in Montana. Another one of my sources for this information is his YouTube channel which is considered by many legitimate Hapkido masters to be a source of great comedic entertainment. He produces the most unintentionally funny videos on martial arts secrets and topics such as:

• How to carry your purse
• Drink Water
• Watch out for sharks and jellyfish on the beach

Alain Burrese has many skeptics in the martial arts and self-defense community since his claim to be a 5th Dan in Hapkido comes after a short time of training compared to the official requirements in respectable Korean based organizations. In an article written by Burrese he trained under the following list of completely obscure and unknown teachers. (It is odd to drop names in an article that no-one has ever heard of. Just an indication of his personal delusion.)

In an article formerly published on his own website; Attorney Alain Burrese says:“I refer to instructors in the plural because I originally studied in Kwanjangnim Kim Young Jong’s school, and Lee Jun Kyu was his Saboem. Kim Hyun was one of the top students there as well. Now, Lee Jun Kyu has his own school, and Kim Hyun has his own school too. So I train at the different places. However, Lee Jun Kyu is my primary instructor. (Kim Young Jong is not teaching HKD right now, he is busy with his chiropractic practice and teaches Ki Gong classes which I used to study under him as well. first 2 dan levels were under the Korea Hapkido Federation. My 3rd dan was from a different organization. My 4th dan will be different too.”

It is highly unusual for a Master of any style to have each black belt rank come from a different organization. This may be because of his habit of price shopping. It is pretty easy to fly to Korea and buy a black belt. If you can’t earn it, buy it. If you can’t find a Korean to sell you a rank you can always fly your own Korean back to Korea to make the presentation so that you can claim to have been promoted in Korea by a real live Korean. This is a very popular trend. The only documentable evidence that Burrese’s instructor even exists are in articles written by Attorney Alain Burrese himself. His next belt, for the right price, may even be a platinum Belt. This is also a brand new trend since no Korean based Hapkido organization issues or recognizes a 10th Dan ranking or a Golden or Platinum belt.

Martial artist flying to Korea to buy their ranks is getting out of control. Highly respected martial arts Grand Master and influential leader in the martial arts community Hud Huddleston has even opened an investigation into Korean martial arts fraud.

He says:
“United States National Grand Masters Federation have just found a major fraud within the Korean systems in United States and have put on an extensive investigation towards this organization and persons within the Korean martial arts system we have caught lying and creating a con with made up history and stealing information and background of history of other martial arts systems and recognized founders using that background within their bullshit lies…They will be dealt with, with a major fraud investigation and handed over to the proper government agencies. They created a major false identity and history within the martial arts world and public. They continue to make it up as they go and the public is so blind to the bullshit lies and con. The U.S. Criminal Investigation Services has come on board to help with this one with no mercy on this. This organization is a total disgrace to all Korean systems and all other martial arts systems. We will do everything in our power to take you down with NO mercy, you’re a total disgrace and dishonoring the Korean people and martial arts history.”

Self-Proclaimed Self-Defense Expert Attorney Alain Burrese claims to have received his first 2 black belts from the Korea Hapkido Federation and right on this federation’s website it says that they will issue a Dan certificate by nothing more than seeing a copy of another Dan certificate… “1st-3rd Dan – Submitting copies of Dan certificates and detailed history is usually sufficient.” And as we can clearly see that the Author, Attorney Alain Burrese, is certainly good at making up a detailed history.

In an attempt to save money Burrese began shopping around for a new rank to buy with other organizations. But when Burrese claimed to be a martial arts master and a self-defense expert after only 5 years in the martial arts his promotion was refused and he was reprimanded for calling himself a master and an expert after only 5 years of training. In an attempt to cover his tracks, Burrese along with several other lowly skilled self-proclaimed Masters tried to start a smear campaign against some of the people at the federation. The individuals that he was trying to slander made a complaint to the Montana Bar Association because of his unethical behavior.

At the time of the posting of this article I have not been able to verify whether or not he is employed as an Attorney as he claims. More research is being done on this topic now and will be posted here as it becomes available.

A reliable source in Korea said “Burrese then went to Korea and found someone who would sell him a 3rd Dan. He promised to host this Korean Master for a series of seminars around the USA but the seminars have never materialized. He has since made a couple of other trips to Korea and apparently buys a new rank there with ease.” Does this story sound familiar? I guess when you have lawyer’s income you can afford to buy as many martial arts ranks and you want. And you can afford to fly all over the world to get them. Attorney Alain Burrese may someday soon understand that abusing his position as an officer of the court can carry some stiff penalties.

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The Alain Burrese Story Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of this investigative report about a self defense instructor named Alain Benjamin Burrese.

Attorney Master Alain BurreseAfter seeing so many contradictions in the martial arts career claims of Alain Burrese we made an attempt to verify his many outlandish Military career claims.

Through conversations with various official US Army resources we have gathered this brief information and are awaiting further confirmation.

On his own website he claims to have been an infantryman with the 82nd Airborne at Ft. Bragg and a sniper instructor at the “2nd Infantry Division Scout Sniper School at Camp Casey, South Korea.”

The Army was officially willing to verify ONLY the following:
1. He was in the Army
2. He was an infantryman (11B)
3. He entered service in October 1984
4. Last shown rank is Specialist (E4) effective December 1988
5. His ETS (when he was discharged) is shown as August 1993

The information that we have received are a bit incomplete. For example, we cannot confirm his units of assignment or his claim of being a sniper instructor. Given his last recorded rank was Specialist – one step up from the entry level ranks of Private, that claim raises a red flag as most instructors are at least Sergeant, Staff Sergeant or Sergeant First Class. However, again, records seem to be incomplete at the time of posting this report. It is highly unusual for someone to serve over eight years on active duty and only hold the rank of Specialist E-4. This fact alone discredits all of his claims as Sniper Instructor and other such positions that he likes to boast having. We have the highest level of respect for those men and women who faithfully serve our great country. It is a tremendous dishonor to claim military ranks and titles that you did not earn. It is such a dishonor that “The Stolen Valor Act” makes it a federal crime, sometimes punishable by imprisonment. One possibility that would explain his low level discharge rank would be that he was the subject of a rank reduction for a military disciplinary action or misconduct. We will post more information about his Stolen Valor violations as details become available.

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Paper Tiger – The Alain Burrese Story – Part 3

Among Alain Burrese’s many claims are that he was “a former paratrooper with the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division and sniper instructor at the 2nd Infantry Division Scout.” Strangely enough there doesn’t seem to be a single photo on his website or social media pages to support these claims.

On his own website he claims to have been an infantryman with the 82nd Airborne at Ft. Bragg and a sniper instructor at the “2nd Infantry Division Scout Sniper School at Camp Casey, South Korea.” As stated earlier in this series, the US Army was only willing to verify the following facts.

The Army was officially willing to verify ONLY the following:

  1. He was in the Army
  2. He was an infantryman (11B)
  3. He entered service in October 1984
  4. Last shown rank is Specialist (E4) effective December 1988
  5. His ETS (when he was discharged) is shown as August 1993

It is strange that in nine full years of service Alain Burrese wasn’t even able to reach the first non-commissioned officer rank which is the minimum rank required to be an instructor as he claims. He was fired from his job as a lawyer. He has not been able to find another job from what I can tell. I guess finding law firms that will buy into his illusions of grandeur is harder than finding martial artists who will buy into his tales of greatness.

Alain Burrese Hapkido MasterHe now calls himself a master martial arts instructor. How many great martial arts masters do you know that teach 5-6 students at Gold’s Gym or make cheesy You Tube videos in an effort to show what a great instructor they are. This is Alain Burrese. He teaches a handful of, shall we say, less than serious students, and make cheesy training videos, all showing techniques that are nothing more than white belt level. Real master there!!!!!

He is now marketing himself on Facebook, You Tube, and all over the internet pushing his really basic martial arts videos and his worthless books. In viewing his You Tube videos one can see that he lacks even the most basic understanding of using Hapkido principles. It is no wonder that some people have even walked out of his seminars to escape the boredom.

I spoke to one black belt in FL who felt insulted by the low level of the techniques that he was passing off as advanced level stuff. Oh and he left in the middle of the “seminar.”  His information is such low level stuff that it is insulting. The majority of his “seminars” seem to be at places like the local Rotary Clubs, the Flower Club to teach a half empty room of old ladies self-defense, and the Elks Lodge. Watch his videos he posted of his “seminars.” Most of them are almost empty and a handful of people sitting around a table. This is all in an effort to convince others that he is a greater speaker or teacher, when in fact, he is neither.  Not what you expect to see from a Martial Arts “Master.”

I have also seen evidence of this great “Master” going behind people’s back and writing libelous emails to that person’s friends in an attempt to hurt the other person’s reputation. What true martial arts master would do such a thing? Aren’t martial arts masters supposed to demonstrate high character or at least be honest?

Yong Hon KimHonesty seems to be a virtue that Hapkido Master Alain Burrese hasn’t quite been able to grasp according to those who know him personally. Grand Master H.Y. Kim, shown center, who works at the Hanson Field House on Camp Casey Korea, just confirmed for me by phone that there has never been a Hapkido class on Camp Casey… Makes you wonder how someone stationed there became a “Hapkido Master”…

His lack of success is easily verified by the poor following of his social media pages. You can read more about him here:

The Alain Burrese Story Part 4 introducing the accessory to his fakeness, Thomas Gordon 

1 a Gordon

By now everyone knows that Alain Burrese is a complete fake. Another thing that proves this is his association with Thomas “McDojo” Gordon, the owner of Gordon’s Martial Arts in Crestview, Florida. Each year they rent a “celebrity” some moderately well known Korean instructor living in the USA, to headline the Korean Martial FArts Festival, held at Thomas Gordon’s McDojo, a sham of an event disguised as a seminar where they gather a handful of fools to participate in this Douchebaggery. Then the fakes come out and try to raise their level of notoriety by riding the coat tails of the rented authority. Then to further their fake event they PAY to be on the cover of a magazine each year to promote their event. They average only 6 participant per instructor for this fraud fest. Alain Burrese videos are some of the most unintentionally hilarious videos ever made. They rival Master Ken and Enter the Dojo for their level of physical comedy.  More info coming soon. We have a secret shopper attending this event who will be giving us a full report of what went on. He will try his hardest to hold back the laughter when these fake perform. Especially Burrese and his new found crime partner Thomas Gordon of Gordon’s Martial Arts in Crestview, Florida.

Gordons Martial Arts Crestview Florida


7 thoughts on “Paper Tiger – The Alain Burrese Story Part 1 of 6

  1. Nice job of fabricating a bunch of lies. If anyone is pompous and doesn’t have credibility is a fat, overweight “martial artist” that chooses to try and take down someone out of petty jealousy>

    I have 30+ years in Goju and have actually had some floor time with Mr. Burrese, as have a number of friends with backgrounds you can only wish to match.

    All of us have nothing but respect for the man’s abilities and character. The fact you are choosing to slander someone like this shows your true personality.

    And BTW, you may not realize this, but people with a REAL background in the MA consider WMAM a joke.

    Let’s see if you have the guts to allow this reply to be posted, along with this rebuttal at bullshido.

    • So a guy who doesn’t even have the courage to post his full name and didn’t even start training until 1982 wants to lecture Richard Hackworth about something related to martial arts. Lol! I weigh 164 pounds, Sam who is too much of a coward to even have his own photo on his school website but boasts about his Christian values. You are another joke Sam.

  2. With reference to the quote by Hud Huddleston:
    “The U.S. Criminal Investigation Services has come on board to help with this one with no mercy on this.” The U.S. Criminal Investigation Services is a private company owned by Hud Huddleston, also a suspected grand master fraud.

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