The Rebirth of Traditional Martial Arts

It is a strange thing that “Xtreme Martial Arts” has become so very popular. Traditional practitioners of martial arts stand by at the scene of these tasteless public displays, watching the so-called pros demonstrate their misguided version of martial arts and corrupt the perceptions of this real and ancient art in the minds of the unsuspecting witnesses. We know that this is not traditional martial arts and we take note with each other about how these entertainers do not have a clue as to what martial arts is really all about. In the end, we just walk away, shaking our heads in utter disgust.

It is not really all that hard to uncover the reason why such a false image became so popular. The fact is that the blame falls upon the traditional martial artists! We are the ones that let this mockery run loose. It was some of us that even initiated it. There were a few practitioners (surely knowing better) that decided to add dance and theatrics to the mix. They made demonstrations of homemade forms while adding gymnastics to the mix. When this happened the others just stood by and said nothing. We are the ones who just threw up our hands and said that each has a right to his own. This apathy only allowed the polluted martial arts demonstrations to grow in popularity.

In the meantime, the traditional martial arts practitioners just kept themselves hid in the shadows. The demonstrations of the so-called “Xtreme” are what started being accepted as what martial arts is really all about simply because it was all that was being seen. It was not hidden in the shadows as we were. The real martial arts, the traditional and true form to which we have devoted our lives is no longer seen by the public as authentic and it is us who are responsible. We failed to realize that the public has no way to tell what is traditional and what is not.

It is now time for the traditional marital artists to step out of the shadows and into the light where they belong. We must stand up and represent the object of our devotion. We must inform others that the theatrics they have become accustomed to are not real martial arts. We must tell the public that we are real and that we exist.
The cause of our action runs much deeper than just to protect the reputation of traditional martial arts. The fact is that the number of people seeking out traditional martial arts schools is increasing, but they soon discover that they have nowhere to turn because real traditional martial arts schools are difficult to find. It is up to us to unite in the communities and make the public aware of our continued existence. They must know that the old ways are very much still alive and in order.

If you have the ability and courage to arrange a meeting for the traditionalist in your area so that we can unite for this common cause, then do so. This is not about politics, but about purpose. Together we can make a difference and let the public know that traditional martial arts still exists and practitioners are still around today. All it takes is a grain of courage to make that step. The Hapkido community is taking a stand. We are posting real authentic Hapkido videos on our new channel. Be sure to visit and share your thoughts.


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