Jack Stern Hapkido Jack Stern Yudo Jack Stern Criminal

Jack Stern: The Truth Revealed

Jack Stern, Not a Grand Master Jack Stern, convicted felon Jack Stern http://www.usadojo.com/hall-of-shame/jack-stern.htm is the link to an interesting article about Jack Stern. He runs a bogus martial arts organization certifying people in Jack Stern’s fake brand of Hapkido and Jack Stern’s fake brand of Yudo. Jack Stern is a shameless old criminal who deserves to be locked up. Anyone associated with Jack Stern’s hapkido and Jack Stern’s yudo organization are the lowest form of scam artists. Jack Stern and his followers have been ruining the Korean martial arts community for years. For the complete article about Jack Stern visit http://www.usadojo.com/hall-of-shame/jack-stern.htm

www.actionradio.net   www.worldmartialartsmagazine.com   www.worldmartialartsnetwork.ning.com


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