What I Really Love About Martial Arts Training

What I Really Love About Martial Arts Training
By Richard Hackworth
Tips to Help You Stay Focused on Attending Class
Remember Newton’s law, “A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.”
What this means to you is this: When you are training consistently, you will tend to want to keep training. Stick with your new habit and try to never miss a class session.
As soon as you start missing class sessions, it’s harder to get started a second time. The momentum you established while on your routine reversed its course and you will need more energy to turn it in the right direction again.
Sometimes you will need to miss a class session, but be careful that one class doesn’t turn into two; two into a week; a week into a month; and a month into a few years. Get back to class as quickly as possible.
During a martial arts class you will inevitably lose your focus from time to time. This happens because you not only need to focus on your goal and your routine, but occasionally you must also filter distracting influences in your environment.
Don’t get upset with yourself. Stay calm and reset your mental focus switch. Staying focused takes practice. The compartment of your brain that houses your focusing muscles needs to be trained too, so see the lapses as an opportunity to strengthen and condition your mind.
During your classes you need to focus on proper breathing, good posture, correct technique, your physical well-being and the duration of each exercise in the session.
When you concentrate on all of these factors, putting your mind inside your movements, observing your breath, keeping your body relaxed – your routine can and will become the most positive, uplifting experience of your day; a time when physical training at class becomes meditative. And that’s what I really love about martial arts training.

About the author: Multi-arts Grand Master Richard Hackworth is a best selling author, TV and Radio Show Host living is Seoul, South Korea. He is the International Director of the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association at www.kmaia.org and host of “The Richard Hackworth Show” on www.ActionRadio.net .


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